Recycle writ large!

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What better way to celebrate Earth Day! Can't have too many irons in the fire, says I .

The existing SDC bridge is being replaced. An expression of interest went out to recycle pieces of the bridges ironwork.

In 1984 I was a participant int he National youth volunteer program, Katimavik. Spent 9 months with a wonderful group of people doing community projects in Quebec, Saskatchewan and Ontario. A big part of the experience was trying to innovate and find solutions to community problems without a big budget.

The Da Vinci safety bridge is in the spirit of this. Designed as a way to make safe crossings across rivers using material at hand it is a pretty and complex piece of engineering.

So, I have applied.

If I get a piece of the bridge I will reforge the steel to make a series of safety bridge sculptures that can go out to Katimavik projects across Canada either as a piece of art at the Katima-house, or to donate to a community project.

Wish me luck!