2021 – 30

Standards? We don’t need no stinkin’ standards! All apologies to Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Had a great time at the online discussion of standards in heritage ironwork hosted by the UK National Historic Ironwork Group . Two presenters, one representing working blacksmiths and one representing conservation groups. It was a good debate and lots of […]

2021 – 26

Time to make my mark? I have never given consideration to a makers mark. In part I think because until this year I have been hesitant to put my work in the public eye. I’ve always been a late bloomer 😉 Recently I caught on Black Bear Forge a project currently making its way round […]

2021 – 19

Standards, Standards, Everywhere. This month there is a discussion about the adoption of standards in Blacksmithing being hosted by the National Heritage Ironwork Group in the UK. Sign up is here. A perennial question, standards. Always a polarizing discussion, and rarely resolved to everyones satisfaction. Generally I am not in favour of being told what […]

2021 – 15

I have a lot of Nurses in my family, and I have heard this sentiment many times. Not exclusive to Nurses I think, but they seem to have a particularly nasty reputation for this. Do Artists do the same? I have had contact with fewer blacksmiths than I would like, but have met a good […]

2021 – 11

What’s in the box? Image lifted from Stuart Bull Antiques. I have found inspiration and sustenance during the last year by watching and contributing financial support to an amazing project . Tally Ho is a wooden boat restoration project underway in Washington state by an amazing crew led by fascinating man. In the last episode […]

2021 – 003

Oh, the glamour! Getting out of school I had visions of building large architectural pieces. Nothing grandiose, maybe some cathedral gates, a few public installations, just small stuff like that. What I quickly found out was that work was going to be trying to build custom solutions to small problems that couldn’t be easily fixed […]