2021 – 26

HMA Makers mark v4

Time to make my mark?

I have never given consideration to a makers mark. In part I think because until this year I have been hesitant to put my work in the public eye.

I've always been a late bloomer 😉

Recently I caught on Black Bear Forge a project currently making its way round the world. A book of steel sheets on which you make your mark and then send it on. A brilliant project that I think is inspired community building.

Made me think that I would not be able to participate as things stand. So, fired up my trusty old Fusion360 and set to work. I am doing two marks, One just initials and one with the logo for Hummingbird Metal Arts.

The last week of HSAD was portfolio week. Take pictures of your work, make an artists statement, design a social media campaign, et al. I did a logo and will use that as the non text mark.

I feel a weight lifting by taking this step. Maybe it takes time to gain confidence in my work, and now I can start a new stage of an art practice.

I am glad I waited this long. Out of school I wash too brash and sure of myself to appreciate how much of a burden it is to mark your work. I have to accept the responsibility for being tied for a long time to the work that goes out my door, and I wasn't ready for that before now.