2021 – 19

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Standards, Standards, Everywhere.

This month there is a discussion about the adoption of standards in Blacksmithing being hosted by the National Heritage Ironwork Group in the UK. Sign up is here.

A perennial question, standards. Always a polarizing discussion, and rarely resolved to everyones satisfaction.

Generally I am not in favour of being told what to do, how to do it or barred from doing it because I didn't meet an arbitrary standard of performance.

But, as much as I don't like it, I think it is undeniably important to support the effort of the many talented women and men who do the craft.

Standards aren't static, and are best when they are shaped and nurtured by wide spread input from the people who are directly affected by them. As long as the opportunity to contribute to the discussion is there, I think that the adoption of the CBA teaching program by ABANA is a healthy and exciting change for artist blacksmith's in North America.

More work to prove to someone that I am capable of doing the work, and while I reserve the right to grumble and complain while I am doing the work, I am all in. Hope you are too.