2021 – 11

Antique toolbox

What's in the box? Image lifted from Stuart Bull Antiques.

I have found inspiration and sustenance during the last year by watching and contributing financial support to an amazing project . Tally Ho is a wooden boat restoration project underway in Washington state by an amazing crew led by fascinating man.

In the last episode a young shipwright is gifted the loan of a tool box left by a recently deceased shipwright. The deal is she can use the tools until she gets her own, then they will be returned and re-gifted.

Got me thinking.

Leaving school I faced the challenge all graduates do, especially in a specialized field like artistic blacksmithing. Collecting even a starter set of tools takes time and money that can be in short supply in the early days.

So, here is my 2021 goal. To make two chests and fill them with tools that can be given to a graduate of the HSAD program at graduation (Spring and Fall) for a one year loan.

I would love to see the recipient send back a picture of the best thing they made in the year and keep a portfolio in the boxes.

Got a tool lying around that you dont use so often? Consider throwing it in the box! If you make tools and want to donate to this project, drop me a line.

Looking forward to maximum efforts to make great tools for aspiring blacksmiths in 2021.