2021 – 005

Twisted candle holder
Night school magic

My introduction to metal work came when my neighbour mentioned that he was a blacksmith and taught a night school course at the local high school. Didn't need much more encouragement and I signed up post haste.

A lot of water under the bridge since then. Steven Waters who was an amazingly talent and a good soul is gone far too soon. The night school program has been in covid hibernation for almost a year now and no telling what the future holds there.

But, when the sun shone and life was free and easy I loved night school. I took the course off and on for many years and then went off to HSAD to train full time. When I returned I was fortunate to get a gig as shop tech for the Thursday night Art Metal Work program. Full circle.

I love working with adults who are engaging their craft passions. In a class of 20 there where the beaters (loved to hit metal with a big hammer), the tweeters (loved to document their evening) and the devoters who gave everything they had for the three hours each week. All of them made a contibution to the learning environment and I miss all off them.

Every so often though someone would come through who loved metal work enought to obsess over every detail. The candle holders above were made by one such devotee. From no metal work experience she made a mission to produce two perfect rubicks twists for her candle holders with an intricate drip pan from sheet metal and a blind rivet to hold pan to stick.

Although being a blacksmith means mostly working alone I always feel a connection to the unknown men and women who are devoted to a craft I love. Carry on, metal mashers all!


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